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The following comment was posted on Mobile Power Solutions FB Page on 20th August 2023

This is by far the best investment I have brought for my motorhome.
It give so much independence.
Thank to Tony & Mel for your outstanding costomer service and ability to explain things to make it easy to understand.?
I would highly recommend this product.
Well done to all involved. ???



From: Willy Wilson
Sent: Sunday, 13 August 2023 12:50 PM
To: Sales

Subject: Review from Willy

Hi Tony and Mel,

To say I am absolutely thrilled with my Mobile Power Solution (Escape 2500i) would be an understatement!
Your company offers a state-of-the-art product, mixed with incredible hands on old fashioned in the most wonderful sense, customer service.
To say such a mix is as rare as hens teeth in today's World, would be to underplay things.
To have the person who owns the Company, who clearly understands this product like no one else does, answer the phone, is completely fantastic and a comfort!
So, to the product itself.
I did extensive research before purchasing this product.
Found out as much as I could about all the other power packs available on the market (we all know the brands) and doing direct comparisons, it was obvious that “The Escape" was superior in every way.
These were just a few of the elements that to me made it obvious that you make a superior product - price, weight, attention to detail of inputs and outputs; the fact that the battery can be removed and replaced, so the unit is not a throwaway; that extra batteries can be tethered to the unit, without taking the initial battery out; being able to add a wind turbine when I stop travelling and am setting up an off grid home, the benefits are myriad, as you well know as the designe!
And the fact that as part of the price the Solar panels were included, was just the icing on the cake.
For me, when I look at the unit sitting on the floor in the cabin of my Motorhome, where it lives and I easily use it from, whether it is to make a piece of toast, or to directly top up my house batteries, the unit speaks "Freedom" and for me that is priceless!
I cannot thank you both enough for the wonderful customer service you have provided and for a simply incredible product you have manufactured.
Congratulations and very much look forward to using my Mobile Power Solution product for many years to come,
Kindest Regards,





OzWit has been using the Power to Go CL-2000 power pack from CamperLED for 9 months; it has been a very valuable resource.

The power pack mainly sits on the front middle seat of our Canter and keeps our fridge on the back seat going constantly, it keeps our devices charged and the pure sinewave three pin 240v outlet is safe for charging and running our laptops.

We carry the power pack to wherever its needed keeping the OzWit business eftpos machine charged and transacting.

The solar panels supplied ensure the pack is constantly topped up and the vehicle keeps the pack charged when driving, ready for when we free camp.

The power packs from CamperLED are light weight and OzWit recommends them to anybody looking for a convenient, reliable easily transportable power source.  

Ashley and Leanne, OzWit (Sept. 2015)



Hi Tony,

Thank you so much for all your help in getting our caravan power system upgraded to such a high standard. The lithium batteries went in like a dream and are performing brilliantly. Tony's phenomenal knowledge of caravan electrics is second to none, and the outstanding after-sales service that your team provided was invaluable. Best of all, our new lithium batteries have saved us thousands already, because free camping is now so comfortable, we never have to pay for power! You and your products are worth your weight in gold!

Kind regards,

Trina and Ray (October 2014)



The sl 52 led light from CamperLED is so versatile. I use my sl52 for a outside light on my caravan. It is so mobile i can also use it as a trouble light whilst travelling. It is easily charged thru solar, 240v; & 12v. One of the best products I have purchased in a long time.

Ron Hall, Mildura Vic. (2012)