Escape 3600iXT portable and off grid power station with parrallel option

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New Escape 3600iXT with parrallel option

This awesome unit can be attached to another 3600ixt to double output of AC giving the user 7200 watts usable or additional batteries can be added up to 4 on 1 unit for extra storage

Escape ULTRA pure sine wave for clean AC uninterrupted supply

Lifepo4 lithium battery included 52Ah 51.2 Volt 2662Wh

Size 530 x 320x 430 mm

Built in AC fast charger around 1.2 hours to full

Comes with 600 watts of solar 3 x 200watt rigid version

Can be charged by vehicle whilst driving

Total weight 37 kgs

Additional plug and play 5376wh batteries are available seperatly 

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