Escape 4500F smart inverter generator (Petrol) with electric start

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Escape 4500F Petrol Smart inverter generator

Fully compatible with all our solar powered generators

Equipped with smart gen mate app system for monitoring by your phone

Auto start/stop function with Smart link 

Start and stop by mobile phone via our genmate app

Total weight 48kgs

2 x 15amp AC power sockets

Built in all terrain wheels and telescopic handle for easy manoeuvring 

Electric start/ coil start

Can be attached to our solar generator Escape 6000i range with full automated starting with Smart link if needed for a fully automatic power system and rapid re charge 

Requires unleaded fuel

Reliable ,proven 4 stroke engine

55 to 69db

This generator is for off grid stand alone systems back up when needed utilising Smart link fully Automated start/stop 

Operating hours at full output approx 7 hours on 1 tank of fuel

Operating hours at 1/4 output approx 16 hours on 1 tank of fuel

Fuel tank capacity 13 litres

Oil capacity 0.6 L

Cooling system forced air

Size 650mm long x 475mm wide x 550mm high

Output waveform ,pure sine wave

Rated voltage 240 volt 50 Hz

Rated output 3.7kva maximum output 4.2kva

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