Escape 6000i Off Grid huge 6000watt AC output with EV charger and built in 5.4kw internal battery

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The ESCAPE range of mobile power stations enables you to enjoy safe reliable and uninterrupted household power supply in any situation.

The ESCAPE 6000i has a maximum of 6kW of continuous output that can easily meet the power needs to operate household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, TV's, hairdryers, toasters, etc. In other words, all household appliances. You can even charge your EV from it.

The ESCAPE 6000i has been engineered to expand to a whopping 172Kw to provide uninterrupted power without any issues. It is the largest off-grid household system available in Australia to date, eliminating ever increasing power grid failures.

The ESCAPE 6000i is fitted with 2 solar MPPT solar controllers. One for portable solar panels and one high voltage controller that can be matched to existing roof top solar panels. No need to install traditional wall mounted inverters and energy storage cabinets, dramatically reducing installation costs.



Built in 5376Wh LiFePO4 battery with heavy duty solar bidirectional inverter

Supports 6Kw of charging and discharging

Built in UPS system for seamless operation of both grid and off-grid power supply

Additional 5376Wh LiFePO4 batteries can be purchased separately to expand system

Multiple BMS and security protection

Gen-Mate intelligent control built-in for monitoring by smart phone app.

Full 5-year Australian warranty

Unprecedented portability with zero gravity and all terrain heavy duty rubber tyres

Full plug and play design that reduces installation time and costs



Huge 6000watts of AC output with 12000watt surge

5376Wh (5.37 Kw) output

Expandable to 172Kwh with our Escape additional plug and play battery banks

Operates virtually any electrical appliance/product

2 standard 15amp AC sockets 

1 high voltage AC socket single phase 32 amp

Full intergrated off grid software for genuine off grid living with grid by pass and smart link making unit fully intergrateable to any single phase application for permanent set up

1 x 10 amp and 6amp 12v socket

USB and type C charge sockets

Parallel additional battery port

Electric car charge port 

Ultra-high speed charge sockets with optional rapid charger (just over an hour to full)

Ultra Pure sine wave output

Built in full comprehensive digital display 

Built in Wi-Fi Gen-Mate to monitor and control with your smartphone

Weight: 75 Kg

Size: 650mm long x 475mm wide x 550mm high

Full Steel custom built internal chassis and framing for longevity and durability 

Built in AC mains charger 

5 Year Warranty