Meanwell MPS43 intelligent battery charger 12 volt adjustable current 8.6 to 43 amps suitable for all batteries including lithium

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Meanwell MPS43 high quality battery charger 

Proven reliability

Charger 240V-12V (43A) Adjustable current from 8.6-43 amps


·       Suitable for lead-acid (Pb) and li-ion batteries

·       Auto ranging with ultra-wide charging voltage (10.5V~21V)

·       Built-in CANBus protocol for control, setting and monitoring

·       Programmable charging curve via optional adaptor

·       Manual setting for 2/3 stage and 4 built-in charging curves via DIP switches

·       Multiple protections:

o   Short circuit

o   Over voltage

o   Over temperature

o   Battery under voltage

o   Reverse polarity

·       Charger OK and Battery Full signal

·       Temperature compensation function to prolong battery lifer (Lead-acid only)

·       -30C ~+70C wide operating temperature

·       Thermal controlled DC fan for noise reduction

·       Remote ON/OFF control (Optional)

·       Complies with 62368-1 & 60335-1:2.29

·       3 Year warranty


Size 230 x 158 x 67mm

Weight 1.8 kgs


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