Escape 3500i portable lithium power station with 600 watts of solar

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ESCAPE 3500i Power Station - including 600 watts of solar panels.

One of our most popular units.

This product does it all.

Charging options: Mains power via built-in charger; solar (600 watts of solar panels included in purchase price); vehicle; wind turbine (optional extra) or super-fast charger that charges in just over an hour (optional extra).super fast charger can be used with mains charger for even quicker charging 

Full internal steel construction ensuring durability and components are secure.

Cost effective:  Lithium battery, a/c charger, d/c charger, MPPT solar charger, pure sine wave inverter, fully integrated BMS, Intelli cooling system - all in one portable, durable, user-friendly unit.

Durable rubber wheels, adjustable for different ground conditions fitted on powder coated steel chassis

Built-in heavy duty telescopic handle to move product around with ease

Can be used at the same time as charging

Huge 2688 watt hour Lithium Lifepo4 battery 

3500w AC output with 7000w surge for hard start up devices

Unique quick release battery cradle for battery removal (if required)

Genuine Pure sine wave output for safe charging of sensitive electronics

Full internal intelli automatic cooling system

LCD display showing all operating details of unit


Built in 600watt mains charger that can be used with optional fast charger for 1 hour charging

520mm long x 330mm deep x 440mm high

2 x 15amp AC 240v sockets

1 x 10amp cigarette lighter socket 

1 x 6amp d/c socket for LED lighting

1 x QC USB charge socket

1 x Type C charge socket

2 x fast charge USB sockets

Parrallel extension battery port for additional plug and play battery bank 

Wi-Fi compatible monitoring with our genmate app 

Maximum 800 watts of solar can be attached to the unit

Comes with 600 watts of solar panels (fixed version) folding version optional

MC4, Anderson plug and car connections included

5 year warranty

Used by many of our customers for genuine off-grid living.


Optional extras available for purchase:

Wind Turbine

Ultra-light portable solar panels (instead of fixed panels)

Ultra-fast charger charge in just over 1 hour

Additional battery pack for longer operating times increasing to 5376 kwh

Give us a call prior to online purchasing if you require any optional extras


Operate Air con,fridges,freezers,air fryer,induction cookers,fans,Cpap machines,12 volt fridges,toasters,kettles and the list goes on